My site is based upon many of my experiences in China. I prefer to travel solo, experiencing not only the expected, first-timer sites, but also the unusual, the off-beat and the surprising sites that are found in China’s rich environment and culture.

In this site, I will try to give you as many facts, contacts, links, prices, schedules and names of hotels, as I can in order to give you a starting point for your own adventures. None of the links, people or organizations contribute to this site or are sponsors. The information here is strictly first-hand and as such, may become out of date. So check the links, names, prices etc. I want this to be an impartial resource for people who are traveling to China for their first visit, or are returning and wish to experiment a little.

China is a vast country and therefore, my posts and tips may be quite regional as I make my way around the country. I have been to China many times, but only now, in mid 2010, am I starting this site. My first entries will be surrounding Sichuan province as it has always been a destination that has fascinated me, and I have a good four weeks to explore it.

I am the Deputy Art Director at the Toronto Star newspaper in Toronto, Canada. I have been shooting travel photography for many years, and also write about my trips. You may check out my stock photography website here at www.travelstock.org

Please take a moment to read the Travel Photographer’s Code of Ethics. This document will spell out how I shoot when traveling. It outlines in great detail, the do’s and dont’s of travel photography such as image manipulation and also, cultural sensitivity issues. As a traveler, we must all respect the countries we visit and remember that, at the end of the day, we are all guests in their country.

Enjoy this site, and drop by often to read and view updates. And please drop me a line if you have anything to say or add to the site. All comments are welcome.

Spencer Wynn