The Cathay Pacific flight from Toronto to Hong Kong, all 15 hours, was relaxing and seemed much faster than these flights in the past. Perhaps it was because this time I had an entire row of seats to myself in which to stretch and sleep. In fact, the plane looked as though it was about 10% full. So lots of room, and no end to the helpings of whatever food or drink one wanted.

Even the three hurricanes headed to Hong Kong cooperated by shooting up the coast giving me a smooth landing. Having now been in Guangzhou for two days in the high 35+ degrees and unbearable humidity, its time to make my way west to Chengdu and then into the mountains.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province and is such a wildly fascinating place. The food. The culture. The landscape. The pandas! I await all with great anticipation!

Chengdu has seen far too much tragedy in recent years and days, it wall be wonderful to feel the resilient spirit of the people who simply move ahead and take all things as part of life.

From Chengdu I head west and into the high mountains in a mostly Tibetan area. The going will be very rough at times. Some times, a horse may be needed to reach the particular sites I wish to film and write about.

The pounding rain that has drenched Guangzhou all day today is letting up just a little and hopefully will clear for a picture-perfect flight tomorrow morning to Sichuan where I shall post again.

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