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This is Liu Fang as she played the Guzheng, a traditional, classical Chinese instrument. It has a beautiful rich and vibrant sound. The pipa on the other hand has a higher pitch and is played sitting in a chair with the instrument in the musicians lap.

Liu Fang is hugely popular all over Europe and enjoys a broad & dedicated fan base. She currently lives in Montreal with her husband/manager, Risheng (a fascinating man in his own right). The love international story of their meeting and eventual move to Canada is right out of a classic romance novel. Who knows, perhaps one day Fang will write a song about their journey.

But for now, we have several albums from which to listen to her music, close your eyes and imagine the long history of Chinese music that this talented musician skillfully shares with us.

Please visit her website, purchase a few albums (also available on iTunes) and find out where she is playing next. And if you are able to, try to attend her concert. You will be amazed!

Liu Fang playing her pipa at the George Ignatieff Theatre, Toronto


A detail of the guzheng's strings

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